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Canon Patents

Canon Patents

A Weekly Round-Up of Canon Patents

By Canon Rumors | March 23, 2018

CanonNews released their weekly roundup of Canon patent applications. This week has some touch screen and sensor related improvements as well as a few other miscellaneous camera related patents. In particular, two patent applications for diffractive optical element manufacturing certainly show that Canon is continuing to push forward in advancing Read more…

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Patent: Canon 24-70 f/2.8 Optical Formula and More

By Canon Rumors | March 22, 2018

A patent showcasing a host of optical formulas from Canon has appeared over at Canon News. These patents deal with small focusing groups that allow for light and fast autofocus performance, perhaps more geared to STM than to USM motors being used. Optical Formulas Covered in the Patent: 11-22mm f/4-5.6 Read more…

Canon Patent Application: Apodization Filter lenses

By Richard | March 8, 2018

Canon has applied for a patent on some apodization lenses for the EF mount.  The following lens embodiments are included in the patent application; 50mm 1.4 35mm 1.4 24mm 1.4 US Patent Application 2018-0067333  

Canon Patent Application: APS-C zoom lenses for compact cameras

By Richard | March 1, 2018

Canon news discovered an APS-C zoom lens patent today, and noted this patent applies only for Canon’s powershot lineup. This patent application includes three zoom lenses; 18-85 2.8-7.6 18-105 2.5-7.3 15-105 1.8-6 Canon News notes; These would have to be compact cameras because the image circle at the wide end Read more…

Patent: 20x Zoom Optical Formula for 1″ Sensor

By Canon Rumors | February 16, 2018

Three patents related to a 20x zoom lens optical formulas for 1″ sensors have appeared. P2018-25623A Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 2 Zoom ratio: 20.00 Focal length: 8.50 54.45 170.00 mm F No.: 2.70 3.96 4.50 Half image angle: 37.14 7.74 2.49 Image height: 6.44 7.40 7.40 mm Lens Read more…

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